Competitor Notes

The schedule will be available on line and sent out at the end of February.

2020 List of Judges – Updated 22nd Jan 2020

The below documents were sent to those competing in the 2019 Show and may be of interest to those considering entering 2020:

RWHS Competitor Notes 2019

Emergency Procedures
Additional Notes for Driving Classes

Horse Numbers must be worn at all times when mounted, whether competing or just exercising.

Anyone riding or handling a horse, even an assisting groom during a class, will be asked to observe the dress code which will be found in the National Schedule.

2919 Competitor Showground Map
2019 National Schedule 

Due to the increased risk of EHV infection, we shall be putting in place a strict biosecurity policy. Please do not arrive on site if you are at all concerned about the health of your horse or pony before leaving home. If, upon arrival, you are concerned about anything, please speak to an official who will raise one of the Veterinary Team to assist you and make a decision about whether access to the site will be feasible. Please take great care with all your tack and anything associated with your horse/pony and ensure that there is no contact or possibility of cross contamination with other entrants and their belongings.

The selling on of stables between Competitors will not be tolerated. If we are made aware of anyone selling on a stable the original stable booking will be cancelled without a refund, and reallocated to a Competitor on the stable waiting list operated by the Entries team. If you no longer require your stable please contact the Entries team as soon as possible.