Competitor Notes 2018

All competitors must read all the below applicable documents before travelling to the Show.

Welcome to the RWHS 75th Anniversary

RWHS Competitor Notes 2018


Additional notes for Driving classes only

Anyone riding or handling a horse, even an assisting groom, during a class,  please observe the dress code found on page 65 of the National Schedule.

For Senior Showing classes, please observe condition 22, found on page 66 of the National Schedule.

Click here to view the Competitor Showground Map

Click here to view the 2018 National Schedule


Competitor Friends and Family discount code:

If you have friends or family coming to watch, or would like to visit the Show on a day you’re not competing, use code Competitor2018 for discounted general entry tickets!


E-ticket information:

If you think you are missing any passes, please search ‘TicketSRV’ in your inbox and junk folders.

You will receive one email per class entered, additional classes will come in separate emails. Any additional wristbands, car passes or other items will also come in a separate email, possibly up to one week later.

Please download your tickets and check they are correct, the wristband e-tickets may all state the name of the rider or handler, but these can be used by a groom, owner or whoever you intend to give the passes to for assistance with your entry. You must print all e-tickets at home before travelling to the Show, if you do not have a printer at home, please ask a friend or family member to do so for you, otherwise, computer and printing facilities are available at most local libraries.

Horse numbers can be collected (and signed for) when you arrive, at the Victoria Bridge accreditation cabin. This is the same place you will exchange your e-tickets for wristbands. The horse number to collect will be printed on your WB (wristband) e-tickets and can be signed for by any 1 of the 3 people with that number on their e-ticket.

If you have not received your e-tickets by the end of the day on April 30th, please check your junk folder, and then email with any classes that you are missing.