National Entries

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Important information for National Competitors:

Revision and Clarification of Rule 22 – Age of Handlers/Grooms/Attendants
Handlers / Grooms / Attendants entering the ring to be 16 years of age or over if handling a stallion. For mares and geldings, there is no minimum age for handlers, unless specifically stated by the relevant society.

Revision and Clarification of Rule 34 – Exercise and Working In
No persons over the age of 16 years old may ride a pony 122cms or under anywhere on the showground or in the Horse Box park that will compete in the following miniature classes:
141 – Child’s First Ridden Pony
142 – Child’s Leading Rein Pony
143 – BSPS M&M Ridden Open Leading Rein
144 – BSPS M&M Ridden Open First Ridden
172 – Lead Rein Pony of Show Hunter Type

The Committee of Royal Windsor Horse Show decided to impose this rule after a number of incidents at the 2019 event when Leading Rein and First Ridden ponies were ridden in at length by adults. It was felt that the show could be open to accusation of poor horse welfare standards. It was the Committee’s decision to use age as a deciding factor rather than weight to avoid disputes.

For clarification, this is limited to 122cms and does not include 128cms and applies to Mini Pony classes.

There will be no tolerance of Equine Influenza Vaccination Certificates that do not meet Show protocol, as seen on page 12 of the National Schedule above. If discrepancies are found, this will result in the horse being sent home immediately, without competing and/or any prizes will be forfeited.

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