Royal Windsor Horse Show Sunday Programme

The class times below are for Royal Windsor Horse Show 2017. The 2018 timetable will be available in Autumn.

Castle Arena

9.30am – CSIAm-A Martin Collins Enterprises Grand Prix
11.00am – The Champagne Laurent-Perrier Meet of the British Driving Society – Return from Drive
12.05pm – CSI5* Palm Speed Stakes
1.05pm – Meet of Hounds
2.10pm – CSI5* – Rolex Grand Prix
3.55pm – Shetland Pony Grand National sponsored by Sandra and Martin Wood
4.10pm – Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry Regiment
4.25pm – CAIO4* / CAI3*P4/ CAI3*H2 Land Rover International Driving Grand Prix – Presentation of Overall Individual Awards (Horse Four-in-Hand, Horse Pairs, Pony Four-in-Hand)
4.45pm – Retirement of Nick Skelton and Big Star
4.55pm – Royal Windsor Supreme Ridden Showing Championship sponsored by Dodson & Horrell
5.15pm – Final of the DAKS Pony Club Mounted Games
5.40pm – Musical Drive of the King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery

Frogmore Arena

7.30am – Nursery Stakes
8.45am – Working Hunter Pony, 133cm
9.45am – Working Hunter Pony, 143cm
11.00am – Working Hunter Pony, 153cm
12.15pm – Intermediate Working Hunter
1.00pm – Working Hunter Pony Championship
1.25pm – Pony Club Tetrathlon
2.40pm – Pony Club Show Jumping Competition
4.20pm – University Jumping Challenge

Adelaide Arena

10.30am – Appaloosa, In Hand
11.00am – Appaloosa, Ridden
11.35am – Show Hunter Pony, 122cm
12.15pm – Show Hunter Pony, 133cm
1.05pm – Show Hunter Pony, 143cm
1.35pm – Show Hunter Pony, 153cm
2.20pm – Show Hunter Pony Championship
2.30pm – Costume Concours d’Elegance
3.15pm – Parade Horse Class – Purebred and Part Bred Portuguese Lusitanos sponsored by Sussex Lusitanos
4.00pm – Parade Horse Class – Purebred and Part Bred Spanish Andalusian

Copper Horse Arena

9.00am – Intermediate Show Hunter Type
9.40am – Intermediate Show Riding Type, exceeding 146cm but not exceeding 153cm
10.20am – Lead Rein Pony of Hunter Type
11.20am – Intermediate Show Riding Type, exceeding 153cm but not exceeding 158cm
11.55am – Intermediate Championship
12.05am – Purebred and Part Bred Portuguese Lusitanos, Ridden (English)
1.05pm – Side Saddle Concours d’Elegance
2.05pm – Purebred and Part Bred Spanish Andalusian, Ridden (English)
3.30pm – Royal Windsor Supreme Ridden Showing Championship sponsored by Dodson & Horrell – (Preliminary)

Driven Dressage Arena – Home Park

9.30am – CAI3*P4/ CAI3*H2 / CAIO4* Land Rover International Driving Grand Prix.
Competition C – Obstacle Driving
Pony Four-in-Hand, Horse Pairs, Horse Four-in-Hand


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