View the 2019 Royal Windsor Horse Show exhibitors below. A list of 2020 Exhibitors will be available in Spring.

ExhibitorCategoryStand Number
3 Donkeys LimitedHorse & RiderB219
1st Class ImagesHorse & RiderFrogmore Arena
A Touch Of SilverJewellery & Fashion QuarterB067
Abha LondonJewellery & Fashion QuarterC060
Albion EnglandHorse & RiderB143
Annabel BrocksJewellery & Fashion QuarterC059
Appi Bio ControlHorse & RiderB233
Arctic CabinsCountry Lifestyle & LivingC203
Ascot Top Hats LTDJewellery & Fashion QuarterA076
Ashford StablesHorse & RiderB235
Ayr EquestrianHorse & RiderE185
Back In ActionCountry Lifestyle & LivingA126
Banvard & JamesJewellery & Fashion QuarterA056
Bareback Footwear and Clothing CompanyHorse & RiderA152
Battersea Dogs and Cats HomeHorse & RiderF302
BeHatted LondonJewellery & Fashion QuarterA044
Bella SingletonJewellery & Fashion QuarterA046
BendicksRWHA PavilionRWHA 16
Berkshire County TrailersHorse & RiderE400
BETTALIFEHorse & RiderE193
Blaze Wear Heated ClothingHorse & RiderF200
Bloomfield Horseboxes SouthHorse & RiderF400
Blueberry LondonJewellery & Fashion QuarterB081
Bransby Horses & HovisHorse & RiderF227
Brass TacksHorse & RiderF178
Bredon HillCountry Lifestyle & LivingA098
Bruno Delgrace UKHorse & RiderE211
Butler Stuart ClothingCountry Lifestyle & LivingB093 & B095
Carr & Day & MartinHorse & RiderF222
Celtic TweedsJewellery & Fashion QuarterA080
ChathamCountry Lifestyle & LivingA120
Chillout Horse WearHorse & RiderC151
Claudio Lugli ShirtsJewellery & Fashion QuarterB089
Cleveland Bay Horse SocietyHorse & RiderF230
Cobra BeltsJewellery & Fashion QuarterA050
Collier & DobsonCountry Lifestyle & LivingC044
Country FrogHorse & RiderC135 & B135
Courtlea NumnahsHorse & RiderF308
Crafty PoniesHorse & RiderC149
Croft CraftsCountry Lifestyle & LivingA088
Crown JewelsJewellery & Fashion QuarterB051
CWD SportHorse & RiderC155
Daniel Department StoreRWHA PavilionRWHA 06
Debrook EquestrianHorse & RiderF215
Delanns JewelsJewellery & Fashion QuarterC043
Dengie Horse FeedsRWHA PavilionRWHA 29
Devil's Edge ShirtsCountry Lifestyle & LivingB107
Devoucoux SellierHorse & RiderC111
Drimee Horse SolariumsHorse & RiderA138
DormaRWHA PavilionRWHA 28
Eileen Douglas Tack ShopsHorse & RiderB151
Ella and CherryJewellery & Fashion QuarterC058
Elevator Equestrian Horse & RiderB145
Emerald Green Feeds Horse & RiderE201
Encompass Furniture Country Lifestyle & LivingB121
Endurance GB Horse & RiderE215
English BridlesHorse & RiderA178
Eqclusive LtdHorse & RiderC123
Equestrian Bookfair LTDHorse & RiderA188
Equestrian Clearance SalesHorse & RiderB165
Equi-Jewel by Emily GantHorse & RiderF228
Equine & CountryHorse & RiderC107
EquissageHorse & RiderE191
EQUITEX®Horse & RiderF206
Espayo EquestrianHorse & RiderA172
Estribos ArgentinaJewellery & Fashion QuarterCO66
Fairfax and FavorCountry Lifestyle & LivingC088
Finer EquineHorse & RiderA132
FlapjackeryWindsor Food CourtFC011
FMB's Therapy SystemsHorse & RiderC130
Forever EnglandCountry Lifestyle & LivingB105
Foxy EquestrianHorse & RiderB149
Foy & Co InteriorsCountry Lifestyle & LivingB125
Fudge Kitchen LtdWindsor Food CourtFC007
Gamebirds ClothingJewellery & Fashion QuarterA074
GB EnduranceHorse & RiderE215
Gemma JJewellery & Fashion QuarterB083
Georgia in DublinJewellery & Fashion QuarterA072
German Horse IndustryHorse & RiderE209
Groubier Pere et FilsWindsor Food CourtFC008
GuineaJewellery & Fashion QuarterB043
Halcyon DaysRWHA PavilionRWHA 01
Hardy EtcHorse & RiderB231
Harriet GlenJewellery & Fashion QuarterC073
Hayfield EnglandJewellery & Fashion QuarterB061
Hays EquestrianHorse & RiderB225
Hector HartleyCountry Lifestyle & LivingB131
HermesCountry Lifestyle & LivingA004
Hicks & BrownCountry Lifestyle & LivingC096
Highline Adventure Climbing WallHorse & RiderE240
HLB EquestrianHorse & RiderE199
Holland Cooper ClothingCountry Lifestyle & LivingC076
Honest RidersHorse & RiderA174
Horse of LondonHorse & RiderA196
HovisHorse & RiderF227
Howdens JoineryRWHA PavilionRWHA 24
Hunter FieldRWHA PavilionRWHA 12
Huw Hall FramingCountry Lifestyle & LivingB223
I Am Indian SoulJewellery & Fashion QuarterA078
IKamperHorse & RiderF311
Jaguar Land RoverCountry Lifestyle & LivingLR001
Jan SweeneyCountry Lifestyle & LivingC124
Joshua Jones UKCountry Lifestyle & LivingC110
JoulesHorse & RiderC147
Just Chaps LTDHorse & RiderA130
Kate Lloyd PhotographyCountry Lifestyle & LivingC122
Kitted in CashmereJewellery & Fashion QuarterA052
Laflex EquestrianHorse & RiderB155
Lafond BrowbandsHorse & RiderF214
Les Vignobles GuindeuilWindsor Food CourtFC013
Latham & TaylorCountry Lifestyle & LivingB129
Laurie and JulesJewellery & Fashion QuarterB077
Le Beau ChevalHorse & RiderB243
Le Mieux by Horse DirectHorse & RiderF196
Leisure Shop LTDHorse & RiderA146
Libby's Horse Tack and Dog LeadsHorse & RiderE189
Lister Wilder LtdHorse & RiderF270
Little HeroJewellery & Fashion QuarterB073
Living ArtCountry Lifestyle & LivingB113
Lou Grey Cashmere & DesignsJewellery & Fashion QuarterA082
Lucinda FrancesJewellery & Fashion QuarterC079
Mandy's HeavenJewellery & Fashion QuarterB059
Margaret Lee PalmistryF242
Mark Davies Injured Riders FundJewellery & Fashion QuarterA048
Martin Collins EnterprisesHorse & RiderF280
Max CommunicationsRWHA PavilionRWHA 22
Maxima Equestrian Horse & RiderF220
MustoCountry Lifestyle & LivingC095
Nags EssentialsHorse & RiderC165
Noble OutfittersCountry Lifestyle & LivingC120
NovelTeaWindsor Food CourtFC009
Oakley CoachbuildersHorse & RiderHB002
Official Show MerchandiseHorse & RiderA003
OlvossaHorse & RiderE205
Omega Equine SupplementsHorse & RiderA142
Owens HorseboxesHorse & Rider2404
OxfamJewellery & Fashion QuarterA064
P & G HatsJewellery & Fashion QuarterB091
Peter Reed InternationalRWHA PavilionRWHA 31
Philomena London Pet OutfittersCountry Lifestyle & LivingB111
Pinkster GinWindsor Food CourtFC005
PionerosJewellery & Fashion QuarterC083
Poetic Licence DistilleryWindsor Food CourtFC012
Pretty PoniesHorse & RiderF202
Pulse MagneticsHorse & RiderB127
QEST Demonstration AreaRWHA PavilionRWHA 14
Queen Elizabeth Scholarship TrustRWHA PavilionRWHA 17
Red ButterflyJewellery & Fashion QuarterB065
Roberts RadioRWHA PavilionRWHA 07
Royal Crown DerbyCountry Lifestyle & LivingA090
Royal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA PavilionRWHA 18
Royal Windsor Horse Show TrophiesHorse & Rider
Royal Windsor RacecourseHorse & RiderF225
Ruff and TumbleCountry Lifestyle & LivingA122
RydaleCountry Lifestyle & LivingB191
SalamoHorse & RiderE197
Scott's of LondonCountry Lifestyle & LivingA092
Shadow HorseHorse & RiderC130
Shapley’s Superior Grooming ProductsHorse & RiderA184
Sherene MelindaJewellery & Fashion QuarterC064
Show Information & Shopping Drop OffHorse & RiderA001
Silver SteedCountry Lifestyle & LivingC089
Simple System Horse FeedsHorse & RiderF226
Sleepeezee LtdRWHA PavilionRWHA 32
Snowdonia Cheese CompanyWindsor Food CourtFC010
Snuggy HoodsRWHA PavilionRWHA 21
South West TenCountry Lifestyle & LivingC078
Spider MountainE255
St James's Place Wealth ManagementCountry Lifestyle & LivingC128
StartsmartJewellery & Fashion QuarterC062
Stevenson BrothersHorse & RiderC113
Sunnies Designer SunglassesCountry Lifestyle & LivingC098
Supreme SausagesWindsor Food CourtFC004
Susie PringleJewellery & Fashion QuarterB049
Sussex LusitanosHorse & RiderF232
TacanteHorse & RiderC157
The Amaze BrushHorse & RiderB157
The British Horse Society Horse & RiderBHS Frogmore
The Burnished HorseJewellery & Fashion QuarterB045
The Cherry TreeWindsor Food CourtFC014
The Firebowl ShopCountry Lifestyle & LivingB173
The Flying FoxCountry Lifestyle & LivingC050
The Garden Furniture Centre Company LtdCountry Lifestyle & LivingC199
The Horse TrustHorse & RiderF234
The Household CavalryHorse & RiderB227
The Kings Troop Royal Horse ArtilleryHorse & RiderB217
The Land Rover ExperienceCountry Lifestyle & LivingLRE
The Oxford Brush CompanyCountry Lifestyle & LivingB097
The Oxford Shirt CompanyCountry Lifestyle & LivingC097
The Oxton Liqueur CompanyWindsor Food CourtFC006
The Pony ClubHorse & RiderAdelaide Arena
The Profiles RangeHorse & RiderB215
The Windsor Food CourtThe Windsor Food CourtA116
The Woodland TrustCountry lifestyle & LivingA118
Theraplate UKHorse & RiderA182
ThermatexHorse & RiderC121
Thomas Dainty Brogue TraderJewellery & Fashion QuarterC081
Thunderbrook EquestrianHorse & RiderF211
Tidy Tack Rooms LtdHorse & RiderB147
Timothy Foxx ClothingJewellery & Fashion QuarterC047
Tim Stockdale FoundationHorse & RiderF213
Tom LaneJewellery & Fashion QuarterC067
Tom Way PhotographyCountry Lifestyle & LivingB115
Townfields Saddlers LtdHorse & RiderF188
Triton StoneCountry Lifestyle & LivingC175
Truefitt & HillRWHA PavilionRWHA 08
Vintage Collectable ClothingJewellery & Fashion QuarterC051
Voltaire DesignHorse & RiderB143
Wallace Cameron InternationalRWHA PavilionRWHA 30
WelligogsJewellery & Fashion QuarterA042
Westwood Home and LifestyleCountry Lifestyle & LivingB221
Whittakers Coachbuilders International LtdHorse & RiderHB001
Windsor and Ascot DrivingHorse & RiderF236
Woodland ShavingsHorse & RiderA190
World Horse WelfareHorse & RiderA194 & E221
Worshipful Company FarriersHorse & RiderF235
Wychanger Barton Saddlery Horse & RiderA162
ZutJewellery & Fashion QuarterC061